Take 5 for You!

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

At times life just seems to take you around in circles, you can't remember the last time you stopped to look at the flower that you planted last year to see if it even blossomed or hear the birds singing first thing in the morning or even just stopped for 5 minutes and did nothing. Nature "noises" seem to add to your anxiety as your nervous system has become heightened from the smallest of sounds that once used to soothe your soul.

If this is you, it really is time to take stock of what is going on in your life. It's time to take the first steps to making small changes. I'm not talking about running marathons or becoming a guru overnight, I'm talking about giving yourself a few moments each day to honour yourself and allow those precious moments to help you find some peace, some quiet, some comfort in just being still.

Here are 5 things (under 5 mins) I have done that have helped me over the years:

* When I was working long hours I would go to my car in the morning, stop, focus and look around for one bird that was singing its morning tune. Taking the time to stop, listen, smile and thank the bird for its song helped me start my day. This took all of 4 minutes to do yet helped me to stay grounded.

* Locking the house up at night was the perfect time to look up at the night sky (yes even when its raining) and appreciate the stars, the moon, the milky-way, the clouds, the dark sky, a stormy night. This is where my mind would wander for a moment and I would dream about creating, relationships, lifestyle, abundance, career, and childhood dreams not yet fulfilled.

*Having a Gratitude Diary. It's so easy to forget the small things in your day when life is throwing you all sorts of chaos. There is always something to be grateful for, having food to eat, a smile from a stranger, a hug from your pet, a kind word from a friend or something you have achieved in your day. My favourite diary is one that my husband buys for me every birthday, it has a monthly goal and daily planner in it ensuring that each aspect of your life is being looked after, self, physical, mind, business, creative. It is so empowering to look back on your day and reflect on something that you are grateful for. Honestly it wont take long before the Gratefuls start to dim the Chaos.

*Sitting in the rain. I know, like really isn't that what children do? And I guess that's my point. It was so refreshing having the rain just wash over me and remembering what it felt like doing that as a child, feelings of joy and freedom, splashing, dancing and cleansing. Better yet, the reward of a hot shower afterwards, double bonus.

*Taking 1 tab of Kiwiherb StressCare a day. I recommend this product 100%. It contains Ashwagandha, Folate, B Vitiams, Lemon Balm & Biotin. It doesn't take away life's troubles but what it does for me is take the edge off daily stresses and helps me to adapt to physical, mental or emotional stress. Its relaxant qualities calms nervous tension, promotes stable moods and improves sleep quality. It also provides nutrients depleted by stress which are vital for energy, mental focus and nervous system health.

There are so many other ways to relieve stress like reading, fishing, walking, swimming, meditation, yoga, running, gardening, writing, creating, playing sport however sometimes these activities seem to daunting as we find an excuse not to do them as they take up too much time in our day. Start with the 5 minute bursts in your day and take note of what you see, hear, smell, sense, touch, feel, taste, you are so worth a Take 5 Minute.

What Take 5 moments do you include in your day?

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