Intuitive Guidance

12 month overview

My 12 month written Intuitive Guidance aim to bring you clarity and guidance for your new year ahead.

At times it can be incredibly helpful when we have a little bit of a ‘heads up’ and prep ourselves for the next stages in our lives.

I start each reading with a small meditation to bring in your guides and mine setting intentions for you to receive a better understanding of where you are, how to move forward and how to heal with love so that you can believe in yourself and your dreams. These messages are intuitive and can also include messages from those that you know who have passed on or from your spiritual team. 

I use all my senses to retrieve information about you. All messages are positive and uplifting, helping you gain clarity, insight, and peace of mind. I am the vessel for my guides, your guides, your higher self, and the universal heavens to work through.

After the completion of the reading  I do a 3 card  spread from a chosen deck which may provide further guidance for the coming year.

The benefits of receiving your 'Intuitive Guidance' in the written form

  • more detailed as I am tuning in to what is coming through and not relying on feedback from a client like in a face to face reading

  • you may struggle to get time and space to yourself which means you can enjoy the reading when you have more time

  • you can refer back whenever you feel the need

EMAIL PDF $90.00

Please allow up to 3 days for your 'Intuitive Guidance'to be delivered to your mail box.

In person readings by appointment contact me to find out more 


My career choices to date have provided me with such a good balance and combined with my intuitive insight provides a unique perspective for those on a business journey. I am very fortunate to have worked within senior management, marketing, HR, design, staff management, retail, events, business development, manufacturing, presenting, consulting, sales, sponsorship, office management, customer service and payroll within the business world. During this time I have found myself helping, training, nurturing and supporting people and have even had the opportunity to discuss natural healing and wellness options with people who normally would never have even looked at these modalities or didn’t know who to ask. I am very subtle in my responses and people have felt comfortable asking with conversations being shared that are relevant to them. 

If you would like some guidance, get in touch to see how we could work together.